How it works

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Auction participants are required to be registered for a account in order to place bids.

Backorder Auctions

Auctions for Backordered domains are reserved for bidders who had previously backordered the domain at HEXONET, RRPproxy or one of our other partners. These private auctions are listed in your account and identified by a LOCK icon () next to the domain name.

Auction Start Time 20:00 UTC
Starting Bid 10.00 USD
Bidding 5.00 USD increments
Currency USD
Auction Duration 3 Days - If a bid is placed in the last 2 minutes auctions are then extended by 2 more minutes
Proxy Bids Supported

After the auction is finished

Upon completion of an auction, the winner has 7 days to pay the auction price. Payments can be remitted via Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), Paypal or Wire Transfer.

The auction price does not include the Backorder fee, which is charged by the domain provider that submitted the Backorder on behalf of the Auction winner.

Auction winners that fail to pay the auction price in time may be banned from participating in future auctions.

In case an auctions ends without any bids from any of the registered participants, the domain is assigned to the customer whose Backorder was received first, based on the creation date associated with the Backorder in the Backorder system.

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